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With the adaptation of the rotor and stator geometries, Beinlich has already managed to design the VISCO.pump® to be significantly smaller than earlier systems. This makes the progressive cavity pump particularly well-suited for use in small dosing robots, since the centrifugal forces in fast, dynamic traverse paths cannot influence the pump.

The newly developed VISCO.pump® is able to accurately dispense liquids and pastes with up to 60% filler content, whereby the external integration of the dosing pump is made possible independently of pressure regulators. The dosing quantity can be set to be absolutely linear; the standard deviation (as per 6σ) of dosing accuracy as well as repeatability is ± 1% and less.

More advantages

  • High dosing accuracy, ± 1% volumetric
  • Continuous dosing
  • Speed proportional transfer
  • Valveless closed system
  • Handles abrasive media
  • Low pulsation and shear